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Porcelain Bird is a story of emotional vulnerability that shapes the author’s perception of his past and soon-to-slip-away West Coast present. Matt Misikov ruminates ever-lasting melancholy while yearning, both physically and mentally, for a state of happiness that might just be hiding in a maximalist and obscure image of the future.

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The poetry collection has been written over the course of a few months -- mostly from Fall 2020 to Winter 2021. It contains over 25 poems, both short and long-form pieces.


The majority of the photographs used in the book were taken in Los Angeles,  Reno, New York and San Francisco, all by Matt Misikov.



The lake just swallowed the last gold

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"An Emotionally Resonant Masterpiece"

"Misikov’s “Porcelain Bird” is a tour de force of lyrical beauty and emotional depth. The melding of poetry, prose, and captivating photography makes for a unique and deeply immersive reading experience. It takes you on a journey across cities, through time, and into the deepest corners of the human heart. A must-read for anyone who appreciates introspective literature. 5 stars for the sheer artistic genius and emotional resonance of this book."
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“I write because it makes me feel true to myself.

But I also write because I have to -- I can’t not write.”


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